Conflict resolution

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I am Shameem Akhtar from 5-1RA UC 35. I am writing my family issue as my family thinking was so much backward and very rigid. My mother and my maternal uncle decided to get married of their children with each other but my brother was not agree as he went abroad for career setting but my mother forced my brother for the exchange marriage and he agreed under the family pressure. After one month I get married with my maternal son and my brother got married with my maternal uncle’s daughter. As the level of understanding was not build in between my brother and sister-in-lawand they decided for separation. When my maternal uncle heard about this issue, they ordered my husband to leave me as well. My brother and sister-in-law fought on little domestic issues and both did not try to cooperate with each other. I, my family and my husband was so much tensed as everything was good in our couple. M e and my husband go to AAWAZ Agahe center and resource person called the meeting of forum members, discuss the whole scenario and forum members called my family and maternal uncle to AAC and describe the penalties, punishments and fine of exchange marriage. After continuous brain washing and discussions with the family, they understand and my brother also cooperate and promised to compensate his wife on little domestic issues which cause big fights and decided to live with each other. AAWAZ programme saved two families from separation thanks to AAWAZ Programme.

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