Major Achievements

Major achievements:-
  • ⦁ Due to conduct the Khuli kacharies at health and education during the events people gave the application to Govt. officials to resolve their different issue at village level facing by the community of uc 35.

    ⦁ Due to arranging the peace event at village level its very helpful to maintain the peace amoung the community of uc 35.
    ⦁ Due to circle of influence some batter control on VAW in the area of UC 35.
    ⦁ During the reporting period AAC UC 35 Provide valuable, transparent and correct immediate information and awareness relating different issues and also facilitate to Excluded groups.
    ⦁ Rafit bibi was the member of uc fourm 35 start the self business due to encouragement of AAWAZ Programme Renala Khurd. Now she has on your own business and she is earning bread and butter for their family .
    ⦁ Facilitate to Deaf welfare society for issue of disable scholarship card .
    ⦁ Facilitate the Kidney Patients for dialyses they are 15 in numbers.
    ⦁ UC 35 5/1Ra, there was a severe dispute between one family and because of our struggle. this dispute was resolved and they started to live peacefully
    ⦁ To making the CNIC and Birth Certificate
    ⦁ To Facilitate the BISP and Zaqat beneficiaries
    ⦁ Distribution of wheel chair among 5 disable person.
    ⦁ Register 35 disable person for scholarship card ( Khadim-e-alla Punjab )
    ⦁ Deliverance of furniture through motivation of generous person to a poor family girl for marriage.

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