Social Success


Frzana Aslam Husband name Sleen Masih from 23/1 R.B her matter was about ID card , her residence address was written wrong at her ID card and she was worried about it and she try to change the wrong address from her ID card and but she can’t do it because she is beneficiary of BISPand also Khidmat card of khadim-e-alla Punjab that’s why she was worried about it and at last she share her problem with her cousin and her cousin is tell her about Aawaz Aghi Centre and they came in the Aawaz Aghi centre and share their problem with Resource Girl of Aawaz Aghi centre she provide them relevant information about renewal , changing of name and address from ID card and they do that and present relevant documents to Nadra office and apply for new residence Address and they are thankful to Aawaz programme so that they appreciate Aawaz Aghi centre in UC 35